Hardened Servers
Dedicated cloud servers that have security enhanced settings applied to the OS, and operate in a secure environment. Custom security and access rules can be configured such as SSL/TLS, VPNs, ACLs, custom firewall and IPS rules, and HIDS. Servers are monitored 24x7 for suspicious activity, and active shunning of violators. Compliance includes FISMA, PCI, HIPPA, and SSAE.

Security Hardened Servers >
24 x 7 monitoring by security personnel >
Two - Factor Authentication >
Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Transit Encryption >
Real-time shunning and reporting >
FIPS 140-2 >
FISMA Controls >
SAS 70 Type 2 >
Custom Security >
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Take advantage of Phase 2 Cloud Applications and access your data from any Web-connected device.
Applicattions ranging from IBM Notes to MS Project Server, Phase2 cloud hosted applications offers your business convenience,reliabilty and security...
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Phase 2 offers a “turn-key” Managed Security Service which includes on premise installation of SEIM, sensors, 24x7 SOC analysis, real-time alerting, incident response and forensics.
Our dedicated team of security consultants possesses a broad skill-set. We are committed to providing high-caliber services including technology recommendations, vulnerability testing, incident response, and standards compliance and certification.

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Phase 2 and our partners Quadrant Security and OccamSEC, offer a dedicated team of security consultants
with broad skill sets committed to providing high caliber security services for your enterprise. The goal is to provide
clients with “turn-key” security services from a single provider who deeply understands
their business, their people, their network, and their unique security requirements.
Enterprise Security Review
Compliance and Certification
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Physical penetration testing
Application Security testing
Intelligence Services
Incident Response/Forensics
CISO Services
Vendor qualification
Security Consulting
with one of our experts